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We are EURO CODING, digital consultancy focused on business work automation.

We combine user experience design, strategy, technology development, testing strategy and marketing growth techniques in all stages of the business lifecycle delivering value and quality to our customers. Our next challenges lie within financial and robotics industries.

Being a DECE Software and Electronic Identification Solution Partner we are trying to be stronger against other competitors and find new customers to provide them innovative solutions.

Other competence stack consists of: JAVA, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SQL, Docker, Linux

Customers oriented​

We offer to our customer the best solutions to grow up their business.

Big Data

Big Data solutions will help enterprises aggregate, integrate, validate and compile the data.


The company is focused on testing services, clear communication and transparency of cooperation.

Our Team

Our Services

Customers oriented

We offer to our customer the best solutions to grow up their business.

Web Development

You will reach users on every device possible with a fully responsive website

BigData Solutions

We will help enterprises aggregate, integrate, validate and compile the data.

Software Testing

We will improve the websites/ applications quality, get to market faster and save money


We provide great customer experiences that increase loyalty and decrease costs.

Big Data Solutions & AI


Electronic IDentification is a software manufacturer created in 2013 to lead the generation of e-trust services. VideoID, the first and only technology that combines video streaming with machine learning and artificial intelligence identifies people in seconds from any device and through any channel. eID is creating a new services category on the Internet to identify users remotely by providing the same technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification.


The only facial biometric authentication service on the market that can register with full customer guarantee in seconds.

The first digital-identification solution that verifies identity real-time without the need for an agent with the same level of security and legality as face-to-face identification.


Simple, advanced and qualified cross-device electronic signature solution.

DECE Software

DECE is a software house which has created a patented content management platform based on AI and natural language processing, where Enterprise Search and GIS are tightly integrated. These products are already being used by hundreds of users worldwide.

GEODI is a completely new generation Cognitive Content Management solution based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing.
It processes and analyses structural and non-structural data (Big Data) and leverage that business data and GIS. It ensures teamwork and accelerates internal processes. it enables enterprises to access information easily and help them to turn their data into insights.

GEODI offers various solution options with many optional modules. It may also integrate easily with your current systems. Please contact us for more information about Face Recognition, e-Discovery, OCR, CAD&GIS viewer, social media monitoring, and many other unique features of GEODI.

MOBIDI is a smart mobile app used by field teams for location-aware data collection, activity monitoring,
task management, and reporting. It increases the efficiency of field operations such as sales, maintenance, inspections, surveys, security and so on.

MOBIDI turns those activities into reports like KPI Reports, Client meeting Reports, Security issues, Cleaning issues, Branch Defaults, Location of Technical defects.
MOBIDI solves many problems with a single platform instead of separate software for each job. With an investment of %2 of your total field operations costs, get at least a %20 increase in efficiency of your field operations.


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